Roman Conquest of Italy


This website describes how, in the space of three centuries (ca. 500 - 200 BC), the Romans expanded their territory from Rome itself to embrace the whole of the Italian peninsular.  My aim is to show:

  1. how Rome itself changed over this period;

  2. how it exercised its control over the captured peoples and their erstwhile territories;

  3. how some of the these incorporated communities adapted to life under Rome; and

  4. how Roman Italy continued to develop in the late Republic and then in the Imperial period.

I have arranged the vast amount of information into four strands, with links that allow easy cross-referencing between the pages of each strand:

  1. Roman Expansion in Italy

  2. This is a succession of pages, arranged in chronological order, that describe the phases in which the Romans extended their hegemony over the whole of peninsular Italy during period from the start of the the 5th to the end of the 3rd century BC.

  3. Incorporation of the Italians

  4. In these pages, I chart how the territory that came under Roman control in each of these phases was incorporated into the State as its boundaries extended inexorably to finally encompass the entire peninsular.

  5. Roman Italy

  6. This is a succession of pages arranged in chronological order, dealing with the period from the final victory over the Carthaginian invaders in 201 BC until the death of the Emperor Constantine in 337 AD.

  7. Developments at Rome

  8. In these pages, I analyse some of the changes that took place in Rome as its hegemony expanded across the peninsular and then around the Mediterranean.

  9. Bibliography

  10. These pages list the sources referred to in the text.

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