Roman Republic

Regal Period (traditionally 753 - 509 BC)

Chronology of the Regal Period

  1. Kings of Rome


Rape of the Sabine Women

Triumphs of Romulus   

Acca Larentia and Larentalia

Death and Putative Apotheosis  of Romulus

Cult of Quirinus


  1. Collegium Fetialium

  2. Fetial Rites

  3. Misc Fetials

  4. Archaic Inscriptions

[Numa; Tullus Hostilius; Ancus Marcius]


Rule of the Tarquins

As Timothy Cornell (referenced below, at p. 209) observed, the catalogue edited by Mauro Cristofani (referenced below) that accompanied a major exhibition in Rome in 1990, which can still sometimes be found on the second-hand book market):

  1. “... remains as testimony to an incontrovertible fact: Rome was a great city in the 6th century BC.”

It was in this period that:

  1. the first signs of a significant urban settlement on and around the palatine emerge in the archeological record; and

  2. the historians of Magna Graecia (the Romans’ name for those parts of modern Calabria, Apulia, Basilicata and Campania that were settles by Greek colonist) first began to pay attention to this upstart to the north.

Read more:

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M. Cristofani (editor), “La Grande Roma dei Tarquini : Catalogo della Mostra, Roma, Palazzo delle Esposizioni (12 Giugno-30 Settembre 1990)”, (1990) Rome