Key to Umbria

The sites on individual Cities contain pages on their respective patron saints.

This page includes:

  1. an index to a number of other pages on this site that are devoted to those aspects of hagiography that provide relevant background:

  2. Dialogues of Pope Gregory I

  3. Martyrologies

  4. Leggendari del Duomo di Spoleto

  5. Legend of the Twelve Syrians

  6. -I:  Factual Summary   

  7. -II: Analysis: St Anastasius

  8. -III: Analysis: SS Brictius, Carpophorus and Abundius

  9. -IV: Analysis:  Other Saints

  10. Legend of the 300 Syrians

  11. and an index to a number of pages on saints who are not specifically Umbrian, but who are nevertheless particularly venerated in one or more Umbrian cities.

  12. St Antony of Padua

  13. St Bonaventure

  14. St Dominic

  15. St Elizabeth of Hungary

  16. St Emidius

  17. St Louis of France

  18. St Louis of Toulouse

  19. St Peter Martyr

  20. St Thomas Aquinas

  21. [More]

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Saints Venerated in Umbria 

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