Key to Umbria

The most important works by this Roman artist include two in his native city:

  1. the fresco (1716) of the martyrdom of St Clement in San Clemente; and

  2. a panel (1720) of a miracle of St Vincent Ferrer in San Rocco.


Panels in San Rufino (early 18th century)


These undocumented panels in the vaults of the Cappella del SS Sacramento in San Rufino are attributed to Giovanni Antonio Grecolini on stylistic grounds. They depict scenes from the biblical account of Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness:

  1. the descent of manna to feed the people; and

  2. the bronze serpent on a cross, which God ordered Moses to make, promising that those bitten by it would be saved.

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Giovanni Antonio Grecolini (1675-1725)  

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