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Allegretto di Nuzio was from Fabriano.  He is documented in Florence in 1346, and this document suggests that he had previously worked in Siena.  He seems to have returned to the Marches in ca. 1348, perhaps because of the Black Death, and to have spent the rest of his career there.


Frescoes of the Evangelists (14th century)

These frescoes in the vault of the Cappella di San Nicolò of San Domenico are attributed to Allegretto Nuzi.  They are badly damaged, although the figure of St John remains legible.

Dormition of the Virgin (14th century)

This important fresco, which was recently rediscovered in the Cappella dei Consoli of  Sant’ Agostino (the chapel behind the right door in the back wall of the left transept) has been attributed to Allegretto Nuzi.  [Unfortunately, this chapel is usually locked.]

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Allegretto Nuzi (died ca. 1374) 

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