Roman Republic

Rome in the Early Republic (509 - 241 BC)


Lars Porsenna and the Fall of the Monarchy

Horatius Cocles  

Spolia Opima

  1. Romulus and the Spolia Opima

  2. A. Cornelius Cossa and the Spolia Opima (437, 428 or 426 BC)

  3. M. Claudius Marcellus and the Spolia Opima (220 BC)

Struggle of the Orders

Sedition of M. Manlius Capitolinus and its Aftermath (385 - 377 BC)  

Licinian- Sextian Rogations (376- 367 BC) 

Dictators and Dictator Years

Dictators (363 - 300 BC)

Dictatorship Clavi Figendi Causa

So-called Dictator Years 

  1. First Dictator Year (334/3 BC)

  2. Second Dictator Year (325/4 BC)

  3. Third Dictator Year (310/9 BC)

  4. Fourth Dictator Year (302/1 BC)


Temple Apollo in Circo (431 BC)

Temple of Bellona

Temple of Castor and Pollux (484 BC)

Temple of Ceres, Liber and   Libera (493 BC)

Temples of Concordia (367, 304, 216 and 121 BC and 10 AD)

Temple of Diana in Aventino

Temples of Faunus

Temple of Fortuna Primigenia on the Quirinal

Temples of Hercules

Templesof Hercules Musarum

Temple(s) of Honos and Virtus (233 - 205 BC)

Temples, Shrines and Arches of Janus

  Janus in the Roman Coinage

  C. Duilius (Cos. 260 BC)

Temples of Juno Regina on the Aventine

Temple of Juno Sospita in Forum Holitorium

Temple of Jupiter Feretrius 

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (509 BC)

  1. Clavus Annalis

Temple of Jupiter Stator

Temple of Jupiter Stator in the Porticus Metelli

Temple of Jupiter Victor

Temple of Juventas

Temple of Magna Mater

Temples of Mater Matuta and Fortuna at S. Omobono

Temple of Mercury (495 BC)

Temple of Quirinus

Temple of Salus

Temple of Saturn (497 BC)

Temple of Semo Sancus 

Temples  of Vediovis

  1. Cult of Vediovis

  2. C. Servilius M. f., Praetor of CIL VI 40896a

  3. Monimentom of Jupiter Jurarius

  4. Temples Dedicated in 194 - 191 BC

Temples  of Venus Erycina and of Mens

Temple of Venus Genetrix

Temple  of Venus Obsequens

Temple of Victoria

Temple of Victoria Virgo

Temple of Vortumnus


  1. Cult of Vulcan 

  2. Lapis Niger  

Latin Cults

  1. Cult of Fortuna Primigenia at Praeneste

  2. Cult of Juno Sospita at Lanuvium

  3. Cult of Feronia

  4. Cult of Soranus Apollo

  5. Lucus Pisaurensis